In the Market: Inside the Market Shoppes

By on April 7, 2010

With our In the Market feature, we’ll visit the State Farmers Market with nutrition marketing specialist Freda Butner to learn about nutrition facts, recipe tips and ways to maximize your local-foods shopping experiences across the state.

Most people flock to the State Farmers Market for the best in local fruits and vegetables, but Freda shows how a visit to the Market Shoppes can provide everything needed for a complete meal.

State Farmers Market visitors also will enjoy eating at the N.C. State Farmers Market Restaurant and N.C. Seafood Restaurant, visiting Market Imports for unique garden accessories and browsing a variety of starter plants and flowers for their own garden.

To find a farmers market or roadside stand near you, go to

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  1. Scott
    April 14, 2010

    Now that the local farmers markets are begining to open acrost the state it might be the last year you see many of these local run markets. Most of these markets have strict regulations to be a vender like the following. Must be grown by the vender. Must be grown in NC. Must be home made no processed food. etc..

    As I said it might be the last year you see them please do a story on this because the senate bill 510 will put most of the local farmers at the market out of selling. They will be required to pay 500.00 a year to the goverment and have inspections to their farms to sell at a local farmersm market. People should know this could be the end.