Recipe: Inside-Out Grilled Cheese with Turkey, Apple & Bacon

By on April 11, 2019

Inside-Out Grilled Cheese
Inside-Out Grilled Cheese

Happy National Grilled Cheese Month! This week we are sharing a popular recipe from Kate Kelly, Life of a Ginger author and North Carolina blogger.

Not only is it National Grilled Cheese Month, but Friday, April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Day, so what better recipe to share than a grilled cheese recipe? Save this easy, quick recipe for a fun lunch or a great appetizer sandwich for guests!

Inside-Out Grilled Cheese with Turkey, Apple & Bacon


2 slices of your favorite bread, I like to use Italian bread

1/2 cup Chapel Hill Creamery Hickory Grove cheese, shredded
(or several thin slices)

1/4 cup Chapel Hill Creamery Calvander cheese, shredded

1/4 Granny Smith apple, cored and very thinly sliced

2–3 slices of Butterball turkey (enough to cover the whole
slice of bread

The Butcher’s Market Thick Cut Jalapeno Bacon


Brown spicy mustard, if desired


Preheat skillet over medium heat, add butter to the pan.

Butter one side of each slice of bread (add spicy mustard to
the other side of the bread, if desired)

Place the buttered side down in the preheated pan.

Sprinkle some Hickory Grove cheese on the bread, then layer
on the turkey, bacon, and sliced apples, adding plenty of Hickory Grove cheese
between each layer to “glue” the sandwich together. Top with 2nd slice of
bread, buttered side up.

Cook the sandwich on first side for about a minute then flip
and add a thin layer of the shredded Calvander to the outside of the bread, let
it sit for a few seconds until the cheese starts to melt and sticks to the

Add more butter to the pan then flip the sandwich back over
and cook for a couple of minutes until the cheese/bread is golden brown.

Repeat with the other side.


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