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The N.C. Forest Service protects, manages and promotes forest resources for the citizens of North Carolina.

Keep an Eye Out: Asian Longhorned Beetle Closer to North Carolina than Ever Before

By on June 24, 2020

A 17-year cicada emergence, forest tent caterpillar outbreak, and global pandemic isn’t all that 2020 has to offer. On June 15th, Clemson University’s Department of Plant Industry and the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that the Asian longhorned beetle, an

Another Snack: Forest Tent Caterpillar Returns for Sixth Year of Defoliation

By on June 17, 2020

The year 2020 is bringing plenty of surprises, but another forest tent caterpillar defoliation is not one of them. For the sixth year in a row, the forest tent caterpillar is causing damage along the Roanoke and Chowan Rivers and

Monarch Butterflies Passing through North Carolina as they Return from Mexico

By on June 3, 2020

As North Carolinians spend time outdoors enjoying nature, they might spot some beautiful monarch butterflies heading back from a winter vacation in Mexico. Each fall, monarchs in the United States and Canada embark on a long journey to overwintering destinations:

17 Years in the Making: Periodical Cicadas Emerging in North Carolina

By on May 27, 2020

Along with donning face masks, some North Carolinians may also be wearing earplugs! After nearly two decades underground, a wave of periodical cicadas is beginning to emerge this month and they will be a noisy bunch! Last spotted in 2003,

A Second Chance for Hemlocks

By on May 20, 2020

N.C. Forest Service Nursery & Tree Improvement Program makes hemlock seedlings available to the public. In 1995, the hemlock woolly adelgid was found in North Carolina for the first time. Although tiny, this invasive insect can kill a massive hemlock

The adult spotted lanternfly is shown in this picture.

Help Us Spot the Invasive Spotted Lanternfly!

By on March 25, 2020

As its area of infestation grows, North Carolinians should be on the lookout and report sightings of the spotted lanternfly! The spotted lanternfly is sure to draw looks with its vibrant coloration and speckled pattern. By most accounts, it’s a

An Ash Worth Saving: Program protects trees from invasive beetle

By on January 15, 2020

Seven years ago, the emerald ash borer was first found in North Carolina. Its discovery was met with dread. This invasive beetle had already become notorious by devastating the forests in the Midwest and Northeast. We knew it killed trees

The health of our forests: 2019 year-in-review

By on January 1, 2020

North Carolina is home to beautiful forests which encounter risks from various threats each year.  The significance of native pests vary by year, but the threat from invasive pests is only increasing with time. The N.C. Forest Service (NCFS) Forest

Foresters for ForestHER: Why NCFS supports a new educational initiative for landowners

By on December 11, 2019

In 2019, a new outreach initiative brought together partners across North Carolina, including the North Carolina Forest Service (NCFS), to offer ForestHER NC. NCFS is proud to be a part of this effort as our mission is to assist forest

Hurricane Dorian & Our Trees: Minor Immediate Impact, Implications for Long-term Impacts to Tree Health

By on September 11, 2019

After devastating the Bahamas and other Caribbean Islands before turning north and skirting the eastern U.S. coast, Hurricane Dorian made landfall on Cape Hatteras in North Carolina on Sept. 6, 2019 as a Category 1 storm. A four-to-seven-foot storm surge