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It’s a record! Danny Vester’s 65.9 pound cantaloupe brings World’s Largest back to North Carolina

By on August 15, 2018

  Danny Vester of Spring Hope grows them big. The Nash County native is the only North Carolinian to grow three pumpkins over 1,200 pounds each, breaking the state record twice. This week at the State Farmers Market in Raleigh,

Crop Report: Rain and more rain determining crop conditions and harvest times

By on August 13, 2018

Rain continues to be a challenge this growing season according to N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ regional agronomists. Regional agronomists located across the state work individually with farmers to help troubleshoot problems and increase crop production. They are

Recipe: simple squash and onions

By on August 9, 2018

It’s that time of year when farmers markets and neighbors with abundant gardens are teeming with fresh yellow squash and zucchini. If you are the type that have shied away from squash because your weren’t quite sure how to prepare

Saving North Carolina’s Urban Ash Trees

By on August 8, 2018

In 2013, the emerald ash borer made its debut in North Carolina. The devastation of forests north and northwest caused by this invasive beetle was already well-known, so its discovery was met with dread. The ash forests were dying, and

News Roundup: July 28 – August 3

By on August 3, 2018

Each week we round up the latest N.C. agricultural headlines from news outlets across the state and country, as well as excerpts from the stories. “RECALL UPDATE: Kellogg’s recalled Honey Smacks still found on NC shelves with 4 NC salmonella

Recipe: Tomato Casserole from the NCDA&CS Chief of Staff

By on August 2, 2018

Now that tomato season is underway and they’re popping up in your local farmers market, it’s time to get creative with summer recipes. While the classic tomato sandwich never gets old, Zane Hedgecock, the N.C. Department of Agriculture chief of

Bagworms on the Move

By on August 1, 2018

Everyone expects pinecones to fall to the ground and stay put, so when one encounters a small ‘pinecone’ crawling across the ground, it is often met with surprise! Since when did pinecones have legs!? Fear not: evolution hasn’t taken us

News Roundup

News Roundup: July 21 – 27

By on July 27, 2018

Each week we round up the latest N.C. agricultural headlines from news outlets across the state and country, as well as excerpts from the stories. “Less than a Week Left to Complete Census of Agriculture,” Southern Farm Network: The National Ag

Recipe: Crowd pleasing Watermelon Fruit Bowl

By on July 26, 2018

This week the State Farmers Market celebrated Watermelon Day. Watermelons are cool and juicy and perfect for a hot summer day. A watermelon fruit bowl is a great way to serve watermelon, the rind itself serves as the bowl. Good

Recipe: Southern Smoke BBQ’s Mexican street corn (elotes)

By on July 19, 2018

This spring Southern Smoke BBQ  held one of it’s popular South Supper Series at it’s location in Garland. This event celebrates farm-to-table in a community atmosphere centered around a culinary theme. It’s a big event for the one-caution-light town and draws