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Willow oak rooted in Wake County holds potential as future Champion Tree

By on September 17, 2020

Since 1928, the North Carolina State Fairgrounds complex in Raleigh, North Carolina has been the backdrop for the crowning of numerous champions and ribbon winners. The latest contender is unique in that the Fairgrounds complex serves as more than just

Cicada killer wasps in North Carolina commonly mistaken for “murder hornets”

By on September 2, 2020

With the widespread news about discovery in Washington state of a few Asian giant hornets also notoriously dubbed “murder hornets,” it comes as no shock that many North Carolinians are wary of large wasps. However, if you see a cicada

N.C. Forest Service collaborates with USDA Forest Service to monitor the spread of laurel wilt

By on August 19, 2020

Since 2002, nearly all redbay trees have been disappearing in areas south of North Carolina. First detected in Georgia, the nonnative redbay ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus glabratus, carried these redbay trees to their dooms by introducing a deadly fungus. While the

Dozens of department employees recognized for project to save trees that “get in people’s hearts.”

By on August 12, 2020

“The project was very complex and difficult.” That’s just part of the way Robert Trickel with the N.C. Forest Service described a project that prompted a recent award for 41 Forest Service employees. Their success in rising to the challenge

Green Invaders: Invasive Plants in North Carolina

By on July 29, 2020

If you’ve spent time outdoors in North Carolina, you have likely spotted some “green invaders” whether you knew it or not. We’re not talking about aliens from outer space, but invasive plants that sneak into our state, displacing our native

Happy National Moth Week!

By on July 22, 2020

When it comes to forest health, moths don’t always have the greatest reputation. The gypsy moth, fall webworm, and forest tent caterpillar are just a few examples of moths that can be damaging to forests. Still, moths are incredibly diverse,

Increased Occurrence of Pitch Canker in White Pine this Summer

By on July 15, 2020

If you notice oozing clear or red resin and discolored needles on your pine trees, pitch canker could be the culprit. Pitch canker is a widespread fungal disease of pines in North Carolina. Longleaf, loblolly, and slash pine are commonly

Keep an Eye Out: Asian Longhorned Beetle Closer to North Carolina than Ever Before

By on June 24, 2020

A 17-year cicada emergence, forest tent caterpillar outbreak, and global pandemic isn’t all that 2020 has to offer. On June 15th, Clemson University’s Department of Plant Industry and the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that the Asian longhorned beetle, an

State Forests offer great options for Father’s Day outings

By on June 18, 2020

Father’s Day is just a couple of days away, and North Carolina’s state forests are great options for dads to get outside with their families. There are 10 state forests throughout the state – all managed by the N.C. Forest

Another Snack: Forest Tent Caterpillar Returns for Sixth Year of Defoliation

By on June 17, 2020

The year 2020 is bringing plenty of surprises, but another forest tent caterpillar defoliation is not one of them. For the sixth year in a row, the forest tent caterpillar is causing damage along the Roanoke and Chowan Rivers and