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Even a Tree has its Ups and Downs: Weather fluctuations & tree health

By on January 10, 2018

Furnaces are cranking and fireplaces are roaring as cold weather gets a firm grip on North Carolina. If you’ve been in North Carolina long though, you are probably already hoping for and expecting a reprieve with warmer weather. Unfortunately, while

The health of our forests: 2017 year-in-review

By on December 27, 2017

Every year, the beautiful forests of our state are at risk from ominous threats.  Native insects come and go in significance, but the threat from invasive insects is only increasing with time. Some, such as the hemlock woolly adelgid and the

Halloween is over, but beware the devil’s riding horse!

By on December 13, 2017

Although Halloween has come and gone, you may still run across the devil’s riding horse!  What is this you may ask?  It is not a headless horseman or some similar apparition but instead is a native insect observed this fall

How the Bug Stole Christmas: Balsam woolly adelgid and America’s favorite Christmas tree

By on November 29, 2017

  The most popular Christmas tree in the U.S. is a tree native to the mountains of western North Carolina.  Often called the “Cadillac of Christmas trees” and dubbed the “Nation’s Best” by the National Christmas Tree Association, Fraser fir

DIY Sticky Bands Can Protect Trees from Cankerworms in the Spring

By on November 15, 2017

Turkey will be the main course for many North Carolinians next week as we celebrate Thanksgiving.  After the kitchen is cleaned up however, there’s no time to rest.  Instead, it’s time to worry about another main course which you won’t

Rake your leaves for healthier trees

By on November 8, 2017

Fall in North Carolina is a beautiful sight.  With red maple, ginkgo, and redbud among the many colorful trees in our state, the diverse forests of North Carolina are a sight to behold each autumn season.  You may not be

What Are Ips Engraver Beetles Telling Us About Our Pines

By on October 25, 2017

  What Are Ips Engraver Beetles Telling Us About Our Pines A landowner looks across their property and notices the pines that just last week seemed to be green and full of life are now brown and lifeless. All signs

Don’t trip over your shoestrings! Shoestring root rot, that is!

By on October 11, 2017

Autumn is upon us and temperatures are cooling across North Carolina. We have had adequate moisture this year and many fungi have already, or are currently producing, reproductive structures such as mushrooms. Shoe string root rot, also known as honey

The emerald ash borer travels the state

By on September 27, 2017

This summer was expected to break travel records, and it wasn’t just people doing all the sightseeing. At least one insect joined in on the vacation fun this year: the emerald ash borer. The emerald ash borer popped up in

Fall webworm makes big webs, causes little worry

By on September 13, 2017

With scarf and pumpkin spice latte season right around the corner, enjoying the outdoors in the cooling weather is becoming more pleasant.  It’s also a more pleasant season for the fall webworm, who’s growing appetite is becoming more apparent. Called