Viewing: Structural Pest Control and Pesticides

Online testing is new game-changing option for pesticide applicators, dealers, etc.

By on June 24, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic changed many things for people in all walks of life, and one of those things has been the licensing testing related to pesticides in North Carolina. During the pandemic, a significant effort was made to move the

NCDA&CS checks regulation of antimicrobial pesticides for COVID-19 cleaning

By on May 25, 2020

It seems many people, including business owners and managers, are thinking about deep cleaning these days. That’s especially true as more businesses in North Carolina reopen and people transition from the governor’s “stay home” order to a “safer at home”

Carpenter bees: a tale of solitude and tolerance

By on April 23, 2020

It’s the time of year when you may be seeing more carpenter bees around your house, especially if you’re around your house more these days. Carpenter bees are solitary though, so you won’t find them in hives – probably just

Pesticide Disposal Program keeps dangerous pesticides out of NC waterways and landfills

By on April 22, 2020

Four million pounds. Two thousand tons. Sixty-four million ounces. No matter how you say it, it’s a big number, and for the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer services, it’s a major milestone. Four million pounds is the amount of

Tips to keep bed bugs from invading your space

By on June 4, 2018

“Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” It’s more than just an expression. Bed bugs, which used to be more common before the 1950s ,have been on the increase since the 1990s. Bed bugs get their name from their

There’s an App for that – new FieldCheck and BeeCheck apps launch for FieldWatch program

By on April 16, 2018

It’s been two years since the online mapping programs DriftWatch and BeeCheck were launched in North Carolina. Since then, it has become a valuable tool for beekeepers, specialty crop growers and pesticide applicators.  This month the programs launched two apps